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The "Angel of Fashion" Award

The "Angel of Fashion" near Les Halles in Paris

About the Award
For the most part the site should speak for itself. I have created an Award and directory to bring together all of the top fashion sites on the web. Why? You ask.

It's very simple.

First, the average person "surfing" or shopping the web and looking for Fashion may actually want to FIND great sites instead of spending all their time looking for them. Use any search engine and look up "Fashion" you could spend thousands of hours just looking thru the sites. Trust me I know. I do it. Some of the "Top" award sites are good but, they have no focus. The "Angel of Fashion" focuses on fashion and its close relatives on the Net. Even that narrow focus is amazingly diverse. We are constantly working to determine how to categorize certain sites. Some sites are in forms that never even existed in the recent past.

Second, those in the know, realize the "Net" is about "Smart Partners". People joining forces with common interests. You see this concept applied on the basic level of "links" on different sites. We could discuss this concept for days. However, with millions of net sites, thus, millions of choices, the "Angel of Fashion" is becoming the "Seal of Approval" for Top Fashion Sites. Furthermore, I've looked at, probably, all the links, on most of the top fashion sites. There is just no consistency. We are bringing together the "Smart Partners" of the fashion world. Allowing the seekers, to find.

Third, there are some really great Fashion Sites on line. But...... But..... But..... Hey, there are some sites we should forward to the Comedy Club. Maybe the "Angel of Fashion" should start a new category "The Hall of Shame".

Does anyone care?
Actually, they do...The response to the "Angel of Fashion" has been astounding. We are presently increasing visits to the site by more than 50% per week. It looks like we will soon be doubling our visits each week. We receive E-Mail from all over the world supporting (and liking) the site. Read "What the Winners are Saying" for a sample of the wonderful reactions.

Who am I?
WOW! What a question. That one's been unanswered for centuries. However, let me try.

I'm not going to write a book now. It only seems that way. If you wish to call me, and go into infinite detail, you can. Although, you must first E-Mail me, so I can try to determine if your sane. If you are sane, I won't call.

OK, Here's the short 5 cent tour. What qualifies the Angel:

1. Worked with "Emanual Ungaro", "Sonia Rykiel", and "Krizia" in Palm Beach, Florida and on Madison Avenue in New York. This was when the shops were owned by Bonni Keller.

2. Three years as Director of operations for 6 "Polo-Ralph Lauren Stores" in Florida.

3. My wife and I own three clothing stores in Florida. Yes, my site is part of the winners. Hey, it's mine. You know it most be somewhat nice. Our Stores are in Palm Beach (over 10 years), Boca Raton (over 5 years), and North Miami (almost 2 years).

4. Worked with and sold Ungaro Couture (shown only in Paris, NY and Palm Beach) Dresses up to $50,00.00 each. Yes, people do buy them. (Anyone know Catherine de' Lemaire?)

5. Buyer for "Fendi" handbags and accessories. When you had to buy it in Rome.

6. At that time (#5 above) I was also, involved with Judith Leiber, Bottega Veneta, Carlos Falchi, and a host of others. (Any of you folks remember Gene David?)

7. With my family business until early 20's. Photography. Studied all the related photographic arts.

8. Buyer at the Paris and Milan shows. Clothing and accessories. Still do it, every year.

9. Fashion shows. Plus, plus, plus. (Anyone know Mildred Custin and Gerry Rosenberg?)

Am I starting to bore you? I'm starting to bore myself. Let's move on.

Some other Questions answered.
When was the "Angel of Fashion" started?
Mid February, 1996 our team completed the first stages of development.
Who is the team?
Myself and other individuals involved in fashion and marketing. It varies. We get lots of input.
Where is the "Angel"?
I reside in Boca Raton, Florida. Our server resides in California.
Can anyone get the award?
What qualifies a site for the "Angel of Fashion"?
The site must be somehow related to fashion. Furthermore, it must have relevant and/or entertaining content. It must be current and updated fairly frequently. It must have good design. It cannot be blatant pushing of product. One minor exception are certain mall sites. However, we are very picky there.
Can anyone nominate a site?
Yes. Please, only good sites.
Is a Link and Award posting required?
Right Now, we DO NOT require a link or the award posting. As we grow we probably will require it. However, almost all sites have done so. The award looks cool and soon there will be some other sizes and such available. We consider that award and link representation on a site, when we choose "This Weeks Main Event" and multiple listings. That's only fair to the other winners.

If you have other questions, let us know.

Best Regards.

a/k/a "Angel of Fashion"

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