Yes, There is a real Suzi....

On Avenue Montaigne Paris

Suzi and Rodney with David Bowie in Rio

(left) with Rodney (her husband) and their children; the famous Brigitte Bardot and Ricky Martin.

(Below) The metro in Paris.

The result of years in the fashion world, (more years than she will admit) Suzi Dunetz combines all of her knowledge and bubbling excitement to bring you the most exhilarating collections from around the world.

The shop in

Mizner Park - Boca Raton opened in December of 1990 and represents the natural progression of Suzi's life in fashion. From her early days on the French Riviera to her 10 years on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Suzi's distinctive style continues to delight her international friends and clients.

"Suzi Saint Tropez" is more than just another boutique. It's a lifestyle... An outlook on life. Fashion expressing the way you feel.

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